is Czech non-profit organisation on a mission to promote ecological literacy (education for sustainable living) to Indonesian children.


Throughout all archipelago we initiate Eco-Libraries and provide children's books in Indonesian language about animals, plants and environment to make the kids curious about Nature so they would fall in love with it and protect it. Moreover we're developing Eco-Activities and games that inspire children to have sustainable lifestyles. They will become eco-literate which is an important value for humans in order to thrive on this planet.


Since 2013 we have initiated more than 60 Eco-Libraries.


For more information visit our webpage.

Endowment Fund CCBC

Seifertova 615/65, 130 00 Prague,

Czech Republic,

TEL: +420 723 948 312


Bank account for donations: 2865271001/5500


IBAN: CZ2155000000002865271001





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