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The non-profit organization Kedjom-Keku has spent the last several years striving to conserve and renew the disappearing misty mountain forest in North West Cameroon (Kedjom-Keku, the name of a region in Cameroon where the organization works- in translation, People of the Forest).


In 2012, the organization built a ‚Misty Mountain School‘ in the midst of the local mountain rainforest. In the school year 2013/2014, a total of 21 children had visited its pre-school and first two grades of primary school on a daily basis. In the next school year they prepare to open a third grade, as well as classes for adults. Presently, literacy in the mountainous region does not exceed 20%. In this school pupils do not only learn to read, write and count, but also how to best manage their agricultural soil, while taking care of the nature around them.


By the end of the year 2013, they had also begun planting the first trees for forest renewal with the help of their new pupils, creating a tree nursery named „Water for Cameroon“. During the summer holidays of 2014 these trees will be replanted from the nursery back to the deforested areas.


For more information about the activities of Kedjom-Keku click on their logo.

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