We concentrate on the protection of sea turtles and their natural habitat. We wish for a world where people care for nature and take an interest in sea turtles. A world where both locals and tourists understand the causes of the alarming drop in the population of these critically endangered reptiles and try to do their best to prevent a further decline of the species. Save Turtle Organization helps locals to protect turtles effectively and inform tourist how they can help during their holidays. Our main project is together with Konservasi Biota Laut Berau (Indonesian NGO) in Berau region, Indonesia but we are ready to help everywhere where people wish to protect sea turtles effectively. By cooperation we do more than alone...



In Indonesia

The main objective of the project in Indonesia is to help make the sea turtles‘ protection more effective and reduce the sale of turtle products (eggs for consumption and shell used especially for jewellery making).


In the Czech Republic

The main objective of the project in the Czech Republic is to raise public awareness about the sea turtles‘ situation, about the reasons why they have become threatened and about the opportunities how

to minimize individual’s negative impact (mainly as a tourist) on their populations‘ decline (by NOT eating their eggs and NOT buying turtle shell products etc.).

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