Every year, there are lots of tourists coming to Indonesia and other countries where sea turtles are

found. There are more than 5000 tourists coming to Indonesia from the Czech Republic every year.

They often have no idea how threating it is for sea turtles to eat the small eggs of a ping pong ball size

sold in markets. It is necessary to inform visitiors of tropical countries how the turtle shell jewellery

looks like and explain them that thoughtful travelling could help a lot with the nature conservation.



In Indonesia

The main objective of the project in Indonesia is to help make the sea turtles‘ protection more effective and reduce the sale of turtle products (eggs for consumption and shell used especially for jewellery making).


In the Czech Republic

The main objective of the project in the Czech Republic is to raise public awareness about the sea turtles‘ situation, about the reasons why they have become threatened and about the opportunities how

to minimize individual’s negative impact (mainly as a tourist) on their populations‘ decline (by NOT eating their eggs and NOT buying turtle shell products etc.).

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