Several thousands of wild elephants are being killed in Central Africa annually. For the ivory. It is time to act! I am not a biker or a waterman. I’m not a professional biologist, not a doctor, a reporter, a detective or a camera-man … But still I decided to travel to Central Africa on my bike and kayak where I dedicated my time to saving elephants, providing health care to tribesmen, investigating the ivory business, arresting traffickers and making documentary videos about endangered elephants and my overall trip.


I am making a documentary film about all my adventures and experiences and I plan to have a premier by the middle of 2014. More than a film maker, I consider myself an activist and therefore my fight to save elephants doesn’t end with this film, it is merely the beginning.


Completing this one year long trip is only the first phase of my plan. In the next phase I hope to receive support and donations, which I desperately need, to help save elephants in Central Africa.

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