The Talarak Foundation Inc. (TFI) was established on the 14th December 2010 as a non-profit

association with the intention to set and provide the long-term protection of threatened and rare

Philippine biodiversity through conservation programs.



To process and implement projects that will support the long-term conservation of Philippine biodiversity

in cooperation with other interest groups


To build up an effective system of cooperation and active collaboration between the interest groups in order to implement protective initiatives leading to the preservation of Philippine biodiversity

(such as restoration of land or farm land back to the form of the forest)


To improve the public awareness of the importance and uniqueness of Philippine biodiversity in

order to obtain better local and international support for restoration activities


To provide the necessary support and resources to make the continuation of the initiatives for the

protection of biodiversity


An integral part of the conservation activities of the TALARAK conservation center for endangered

animals and Talarak Foundation are educational and training activities among the residents of

the endangered forests.


Write us

Endowment Fund CCBC

Seifertova 615/65, 130 00 Prague,

Czech Republic, info@ccbc.cz

TEL: +420 723 948 312


Bank account for don: 2865271001/5500


IBAN: CZ2155000000002865271001



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