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Become a volunteer of UNITED VISION and come with us to teach English to MEXICO!


We offer:


- basic accommodation and food during volunteer stay


- assistance of local partners and organizations cooperating with United Vision


- training and the teaching methodology for free


- help with departure preparation and publicity


We require:


- knowledge of English (very good)


- knowledge of Spanish (good)


- independence, flexibility and ability to deal with crisis situations, responsibility, team player and respect for different cultures and traditions


- the possibility to spend at least 3 months abroad


- good state of health + travel insurance + basic vaccinations


- experience with traveling outside the EU and teaching experience is an advantage




- volunteers have to pay travel and insurance costs


- United Vision as NGO doesn't collect any fees from volunteers but ask them to write blog which serves as a source of information for other volunteers going to Mexico, us and public and to consent the use of videos and photos taken in the partner community for promotional purposes of UV.


More information at www.united-vision.org Contact info@united-vision.org

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