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where other organizations have only limited or no presence.

Biodiversity protection – we try to restore the mountain cloud forest in northwest Cameroon, prevent turtle eggs poaching and mangrove clear-cutting in Indonesia. We strive to raise awareness of the ongoing elephant catastrophe in Africa, protect endemic bird species in Sumatra and the Philippines and rehabilitate slow lorises confiscated on the black market.

Education and awareness – in the Czech Republic, we try to familiarize the society with one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time – the threat of palm oil. We protect indigenous pastoralists in the in northern Kenya against death from rabies and support people in rural locations in Tanzania and Mexico through education and microcredits.

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Helping self-help

We are a nonprofit organization that supports the self-help efforts of the poor residing on the plateau of Utengule /Usangu, Tanzania, East Africa. Our most extensive project, entitled “Supporting Farmers” combines education and the provision of microloans while promoting sustainable methods of land management. We help conceptually and over the long term, with an emphasis on the sustainability of all our activities. Pro-active, hardworking, and honest people receive our help.

The Kukang Rescue program has four main objectives:

1. Cooperation with local government agencies to enforce laws protecting slow lorises. 2. Operation of a rescue and rehabilitation centre for confiscated slow lorises. 3. Raising awareness about the illegal trade in animals and protect slow lorises. 4. Building an Indonesian team, which will implement most of the conservation activities associated with slow lorises.

Protecting sea turtles!

The Berau region in northeast Borneo hosts the world’s eighth-largest hatching grounds for the green turtle. In cooperation with local conservationists, we seek to protect green turtles, directly and effectively, at the beaches where the hatching takes place. We are engaged in training local schoolchildren and adults as well as tourists. We believe in education and community development to help minimize the illegal sale of turtle products, e.g. eggs intended for human consumption or shells used mainly to produce jewelry.

Teaching English

We send trained volunteers to Third World countries in order to provide English lesson an efficient way. The idea is to help local residents gain ground on the local labor market and be able to set up their own businesses.

Bikes for Africa!

The mission of the organization is, through the initiative of Czech society, to enable children in Africa to travel to education. Bikes donated by people in the Czech Republic will make this journey possible for children. Bicycles brought to Africa will promote overall literacy and greater employment opportunities, as well as increased citizens' civil status.

Protecting Elephants & Combatting the Ivory Trade

If the rage for poaching that is fueled by the demand for illegal ivory in Asia is not stopped, both forest- and savannah-dwelling elephants will disappear from Africa. Our support in Central Africa involves using detection dogs to search for ivory, assisting with the investigation of trafficking, working with local communities to improve their relationships with elephants, and introducing modern technologies to combat protipytláckého boje.

Saving Endangered Fauna

The rescue center is located near the city of Kabankalan on the island of Negros, which in terms of conservation is one of the most interesting islands of the Philippines. Facilities in the center are modest but functional: simple breeding aviaries, an aviary for flight training, rehabilitation, and release, enclosures, a feed preparation room, a quarantine, and a nursing room. The operation requires five animal keepers. There are 30 species, of which 22 are endemic; 15 species are at different stages of threat.
Thank you for donating/fundraising to our cause! We at inspire Indonesian kids to live sustainably and in harmony with nature through eco-education. Since 2014 we have initiated more than 100 Eco-Education Centers around Indonesia. Your support enables us to extend the number of Eco-Education Centers and provide more Green Incentives such as eco-bags, water filters and environmental books. We appreciate your help being part of this change!

Saving the Mangrove Habitat

We aim to protect the most valuable parts of the basin of Balikpapan Bay, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The territory adjacent to the metropolitan city of Balikpapan includes a variety of natural ecosystems - both primary and secondary tropical rain forests, mangroves, coral reefs, and shallow coastal sea. It is home to a range of endangered species of plants and animals, including the Irrawaddy dolphin, dugong, proboscis monkey, orang-utan, gibbons, Malayan sun bear, and clouded leopard.

Think Globally, Act Locally

We are dedicated to topics related to the conservation and sustainable use of habitats; we are also proactive supporters of conservation projects in the field. Our Chance to Change Campaign in the CZ seeks to help people understand one of the greatest environmental challenges of our times: the threat of palm oil business. We interconnect the non-profit sector with academic activities, searching together for the most effective way to protect the rain forest and tropical biodiversity.

Vaccinating Animals

Healthy animals, healthy people - under this motto, borrowed from Europe-based VSFs, we provide preventive vaccinations against rabies in animals based around Lake Turkana, Northern Kenya. The sustainability of projects and the development of veterinary medicine in Third World countries critically depends on qualified local veterinarians. The project aims to assist selected Kenyan students of veterinary medicine to study and to increase their proficiency.

Lending Money to the Poor

We lend money to poor people under fair conditions while respecting their business plans and initiatives. Our goal is to build confident individuals independent of outside help. We believe that the prosperity of an individual leads to the prosperity of the entire society. Our activities aim to link two worlds: the one where capital dwells and the one where capital is lacking.